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SmartHome Security Redesign


Allow customers anywhere in Canada to easily learn about Home Security & Automation, and enable them to purchase online confidently.

  • Increase the number of online orders

  • Drive product intensity

  • Improve order quality

  • National expansion of e-commerce

  • Improve product positioning

.Research & Analysis

We had UX researchers conduct in-depth generative & evaluative research with our customers, stakeholders, competitors & benchmark studies with our current digital experience.

.Main Painpoints

  • It took high effort for customers to do research & learn about TELUS Smart Home Security offerings

  • Customers needed specific pieces of information to be confident in their purchase decision 

  • Different customers looked for different information to instill confidence in their purchase decision 

.Current Flow

After research, benchmark testing & gathering data, we identified areas for customer experience improvement.

Frame 2635.png


I ran a workshop with my product team including product manager, user researchers, developers, QA,  scrum master and some of the stakeholders to get everyone's perspective  and ideas on what the different stages of shopping experience could look like.  We mapped the experience and identified the core categories, breaking those further down into sub-categories. I had the team post up any gaps that needed to be explored in the redesign. From there, we all sketched and shared our ideas.

Some early explorations:


.Improved Flow

We designed & user tested several approaches, as seen below. We filled the gap for research & learn pages preparing the customers to move to the plans page confidently and make a decision on their desired security plan.

Frame 2636.png

.The Importance of the "How it works" & "Products" (Device PLP & PDPs)

The "how it works" & "Products" pages allowed customers to:

  • Understand how TELUS SmartHome Security keep their home secure

  • Visualize a-day-in-life with the security system using the timeline component

  • Get detailed information on the devices included in their plan

Using the ideas and insights from the workshop, we started creating wireframes of 3 main pages that needed either a redesign or being designed from scratch.

.User Testing

I assisted our UX researcher in running moderated usability tests throughout multiple rounds of testing for this project. I was able to test the end to end experience of the SmartHome Security shopping (including plan configuration and checkout process). This helped give a better idea of of the holistic and contextual experience. 

Device PLP_edited.jpg
How it Works Condo_edited.jpg


.Final Designs

I supervised product designers and visual designers during the final hi-fidelity design process. Making sure the new components/elements are aligned with TELUS Design System, as well as creating new ones by following brand guidelines and validating the designs through testing.

I was responsible to create the documentation for A11y accessibility compliance, working with TELUS accessibility team to get final approval for new components

.How It Works

XS _ 320px -SHS - How it works.jpg
XL ≥ 1200px -- SHS - How it Works - Alexa Integration_2x.png

.Product PLP & PDP

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 8.04.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 8.05.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 8.05.31 PM.png
XL ≥ 1200px -- SHS - PLP - TELUS Products_2x.png

.The Results (A/B Testing & Data Analysis)

  • Increased conversions by 17% month over month

  • Improved average on-page scrolling by 35%

  • Decreased drop-offs on Research & Learn pages by 41%

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